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3 Ways Modern Technology Can Be Used For Roof Maintenance And Improvements

Replacing your roof can be more than just adding new shingles; there are many improvements that can be done with modern technology to reduce energy consumption and give you more out of your investment. Something as simple as adding modern reflective materials can make a big difference in energy savings, or you may want to add renewable energy with solar panels integrated into your roofing materials. Some of the improvements that you may want to consider for your roof with modern technology are:

1. Automated Systems That Clean And Remove Debris From Roofs

Automation is something that can be a good investment for improvements to your home. Not only does adding automation make your life easier; it can also add value to your home. In addition to the gadgets in your home, you can also automate the exterior with features like automated shutters or even a roof cleaning system. A roof cleaning system can be great if you have a problem with winter snowfall or if you have solar panels on your roof and want to automate cleaning to improve their performance.

2. Solar Energy With Collectors And Panels That Are Integrated Into Roofing

Solar energy is a good renewable resource to invest in for your home, but panels can be an unsightly addition to your roof top. Today, options for integrated solar panels in your roofing can give you renewable energy without an intrusive addition to your roof top. In addition to PV solar panels, you can also have a solar water heater embedded in the roof design, with the mechanicals in the attic. The solar water heater heats water that can be used by the mechanical systems in your home, such as the hot water heater, a furnace or boiler.

3. Modern Materials That Reflect UV Radiation To Reduce Heat Gain

Asphalt shingles absorb heat and contribute to the heat gain in your home. They may still be the affordable option that you want to use, but there are modern alternatives like synthetic rubber slate tiles. In addition, other modern materials can be used for the moisture barrier beneath the shingles or you can use a lighter colored material. These modern materials will reflect heat and sunlight to keep your home cool and reduce heat gain.

Modern technology can be a great choice for a roof that is more durable and energy efficient. You may need help with the installation of things like solar panels and renewable energy, but you will still want to contact a roofing contractor to help you plan your new roof and discuss some of the other improvements that you want to do to your roof when it needs to be replaced.