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Need To Clean Your Gutters? Enjoy Extra Benefits Aside From Cleanliness

Maintaining the exterior of your home often brings about visions of pressure washing the driveway and cleaning the outside of the windows, but it's vital that you don't forget about the importance of cleaning the gutters. Although it depends on the climate and even the landscaping, especially in regard to trees, you should expect to have to clean your gutters every three to six months to avoid any problems.

If you're unsure about gutter cleaning due to the costs or your uncertainty over whether you truly need it done, you should understand the extra benefits that you get to enjoy.

Keep Paint and Siding in Good Condition

When gutters are allowed to get extremely dirty, grimy water will start to seep right over the edge, instead of through the downspout, which is the only place where you want the water to go. With water constantly trickling over the edge and along the side of your house, you can experience paint and siding damage. The siding can start warping or rotting if it is made of wood, or it can start to get moldy. Eventually, you will have to perform a deep clean of the siding to make your house look attractive again. The main issue is that a tough cleaning job can scrape away at the exterior paint, which is a problem you want to avoid.

Preserving Your Landscape

When gutters are not working properly, you may start to have problems with your landscape. If you have designed your landscape in a way so that the gutters provide water to certain plants, they may no longer get the nutrients they need because the water does not come out of the downspout anymore. It is also possible for water to spill out of the gutter sides, which can smother plants in dirt and leaves.

Reduced Pest Problems

An unexpected side effect of having dirty gutters is an influx of pests, making routine cleaning of them a no-brainer. Termites love moist areas, and a gutter is the perfect thing to attract them to your home. While termites are the worst of the bunch due to the damage they can do the siding, roofing, and other exterior parts of your home, other pests that can be drawn to dirty gutters such as cockroaches can still be a huge hassle.

Cleaning your gutters is not just about keeping this part of your home clean, it is about preventing a slew of other problems from happening that can require time-consuming and expensive fixes. Contact a business, such as Mitchell Roofing, for more information.