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Asphalt Shingle Vs Wood Roofs

Picking out a roofing material can get pretty difficult since there are so many factors to consider. To help you come to a more informed decision, here is a comparison of two popular roofing materials: asphalt and wood.

What is asphalt roofing?

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials out there. They are common in just about every suburban neighborhood, so they will never look out of place. Asphalt shingles tend to be relatively inexpensive, reasonably durable, and generally aesthetically pleasing.

What is wood roofing?

On the other hand, you can get wood shingles, which are a lot less common and a lot more unique. If you are aiming to get a roof that looks and feels more natural, then wood is a great choice. In most cases, wood roofs are specifically made out of cedar, which is a very durable and beautiful wood.

What does each option look like?

With asphalt shingles, you are getting a layered appearance. The shingles will overlap, with each shingle being relatively small. This means that it is easy to install the roof section by section, but it also means that it's easy to replace a single shingle if there is any localized damage. Asphalt also comes in a number of different colors, so you can definitely pick a shade that fits your needs.

Wood is almost always a rich brown, ranging from reddish brown to dark brown. The shingles are often very similar to asphalt in shape and size, which means that you get some of the same benefits.

What does each option cost?

Asphalt will cost you about $50 per square, while wood is often closer to $100 per square. In other words, getting a full wood roof will cost you about twice as much as getting a full asphalt roof.

However, it is important to note that these numbers refer to squares rather than square feet. It can be easy to get confused between the two, especially if you are comparing vendors that deal in different measurements. Fortunately, the conversion is quite simple, with a square measuring 100 square feet. Therefore, dividing and multiplying by 100 is all the math that you will need to do when it comes to comparing squares to square feet.

How long will each option last?

On average, wood and asphalt will both last you around 30 years. However, this does assume that the wood roof in question is properly sealed and protected. If it is not, then it could wear down much faster.

When considered with the price of each material, this makes asphalt seem like a clear winner when it comes to pure value. Unless you are going for a specific aesthetic for your home or have some fixation on the idea of a wood roof, asphalt is often going to be the better bet.