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What Factors Should You Consider When Designing a Green Roof?

Planting a green roof is an environmentally responsible way of lowering your energy bills. However, if the roof is not constructed properly, it could lead to significant damage to your home. Before constructing your green roof, here are some factors you should consider. 

Structural Integrity

One of the most important components of the green roof is a firm foundation. You not only have to factor in the shingles or material on which the vegetation is planted, but also whether or not your home is able to support the weight of the roof. 

A green roof is heavy because of the vegetation, soil, and irrigation system it includes. If your home is not structurally sound, the roofing could collapse and lead to a considerable amount of danger. A roofing contractor needs to assess your home and determine how much weight can reasonably be placed onto it without problems occurring. 

You also need to choose a roofing material to serve as your foundation. In most instances, a membrane is placed on the roofing and then containers are affixed to it. The containers are used to hold the soil and plants. The container you choose needs to be lightweight. 

Watering and Irrigation System

Unless you want dead plants on your roof, it is important that you have an irrigation system that can supply the water needed without oversaturating the plants and your roofing. You have a couple of options available for this purpose. 

You can choose to purchase a watering and irrigation system that is specially designed for green roofs. The systems range in price, but come with all the components you need. 

Some homeowners choose to use a garden hose and a timer system to do the job. The garden hose attaches to drip lines that are stationed throughout the roof garden. 


Regardless of what type of plants you choose, some maintenance will be required. How much time you want to spend on your roof is a personal choice, but if you choose the wrong plants, you could end up doing more maintenance than you wanted. 

You also have to factor in the amount of sunlight that your roof gets. Some plants, such as stonecrop and the bracted spiderwort, require more sun than others. With too little or too much sun, your plants could suffer. 

Involve a roofing contractor in the early stages of planning your green roof to ensure that it is properly designed and constructed, and then your green roof installation will be successful.