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Three Things Every Homeowner Should Do To Maintain Their Roof

To make the most of your roof maintenance, be sure that you figure out some of the best tips that any homeowner can handle. The three tips in this article will make it easy to protect your roof from danger, keep your property values high and protect the people who live inside of the house. Follow these guidelines and use them to keep your roof in order. 

Tip #1: Keep The Trees Close To Your Property Trimmed

In order to protect your roof from emergencies, you'll need to keep your trees trimmed. If you have trees that are tall bordering your home, you're leaving the roof open to damage in the event of a bad storm. For this reason, touch base with a roofing contractor or tree specialist that can trim the lengthy branches or remove the trees altogether. This sort of tree service can run you anywhere between $75 and $450 when you hire a professional. 

Tip #2: Keep Your Attic Insulation Levels At Their Best

Whenever you want your roof to be protected from moisture damage, you will need to keep it insulated. In fact, poor insulation is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with as quickly as you can if you notice them. If you notice your attic roof or walls dripping or becoming soggy, this is a sign that your insulation is not adequate. When this happens, your roof is also at risk for water damage, which can greatly weaken it. You will need to have a roofing contractor who can inspect your household R-Values in the attic, to be sure that it is properly insulated. 

If your attic is not insulated at all, you will need to shoot for R-Values between R30 and R60, depending on what zone you live in. If you already have some insulation but need to add more, you may require R-Values between R25 and R49.

Tip #3: Consider The Age Of Your Roof

Depending on how old your roof is, you may need to be thinking more about getting the roof replaced as opposed to repaired. Typically, roofs are intended to last at least 15 years, depending on the materials it was made with. Call up any roofing contractors who can provide you with an inspection to see whether a repair or replacement is what you need. 

Use these three tips and your roof will always be well maintained.