Learning About Roofing Services

Be Sure To Cover These Questions When You Have Gutters Being Installed

As a homeowner, you can't afford to risk the costly foundation and roofing problems that could arise from a gutter system that no longer works properly. While cleaning the gutters can often get the system functioning properly, you'll occasionally reach a point that the gutters need to be replaced. In this scenario, hiring a professional gutter service is the right move, given that working atop a ladder at the edge of your roof can be difficult and dangerous. When you contact some local gutter services, here are some questions to ask.

Will Your Crew Impact The Roof In Any Manner?

Although the gutters are mounted directly below the bottom edge of your roof, they're not actually affixed to the roof itself. You need to be sure that when the crew is working around the roof, no one will inadvertently do something that impacts the condition of the roof. If you've had a professional roofing job done and the roof is under warranty, you can't risk that any alteration to the roof will void the warranty. Look for a gutter professional who will unequivocally state that the roof won't be affected by the installation.

Do You Recommend A Particular Style Of Gutter Screen?

Gutter screens are a valuable alternative to getting your gutters cleaned annually, and there's no better time to have the screens installed than during the installation job. There are many different styles of screens on the market, so check with your contractor about the kind that he or she recommends and make sure that the crew can successfully complete the installation of the gutter screens while its members are already at your house.

Does My Home Pose Any Challenges For The Placement Of Downspouts?

Asking the gutter contractor about the necessary location of your downspouts can be an effective way to evaluate his or her expertise. The placement of downspouts at the corners of your home is fairly standard, but if your home has an unusual shape, the contractor might need to get creative. Plan to hire the contractor who has a sound idea for navigating any challenges related to the shape or size of your home.

What Happens If It Rains On The Installation Day?

Even if your current gutters leave a little to be desired, you don't want to find your gutters removed by the installation crew and then see that rain is starting to fall. Partner with a contractor like those at Hogan  Roofing who is vigilant about monitoring the forecast and who will only schedule an installation job when the sky is clear.