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Repairing Your Shed's Roof Effectively

If you have noticed water leaking into your shed whenever it rains, there may be an area on the rooftop in need of repair. Fixing a leaking asphalt shingled roof on your shed may be able to be done on your own. Here are some steps you can take to find the leaking portion of the roof and what steps you will need to do to patch it so water remains on the exterior of your shed.

Thoroughly Clean The Surface

Sometimes leaking portions of a roof may be located underneath a spot where debris has settled on top of the shingles. Debris traps water underneath, leading to the saturation of the shingles in this spot. They will deteriorate prematurely, leading to water trickling through any damaged areas

It is important to tend to your shed's roof right after a storm so debris does not remain on the shingles. Use a roof rake or push broom to remove any tree limbs, leaves, or dirt from the rooftop. Use a shingle cleaning agent to remove any tougher grime. This can be applied with a non-abrasive mop and then rinsed off using a garden hose or pressure washer.

Clean Gutters Frequently

If you have gutters on your shed, they should be cleaned out periodically so debris does not build up inside of them. This could lead to an abundance of water in one area of the gutter, which can seep underneath the shingles along the bottom portion of the shed's roof. Make it a habit to check the gutters every few weeks and remove any build-up immediately to help keep leaks from occurring.

Do A Complete Evaluation

Before making repairs to your shed's roof, it needs to be looked over for spots where decay is present. Once the roof has been cleaned and the gutters have all debris removed, get on a ladder and assess the surface of the roof. Look for spots where shingles are not completely flat. Any area where shingles are peeling or crumbling is an area that may be the source of leaking. Spots where flashing is not intact would also pose a risk for leaking. Discolored shingles can indicate an area where excessive moisture is present. Look over these areas in detail.

Repair The Damage

To repair your shed's roof, remove the shingles that are no longer stable. Do this by removing the roof nails from each shingle so the paper underneath is exposed. Peel the paper from the wood surface and adhere a new piece by nailing it directly to the rooftop. Nail a new shingle over the paper.

Flashing is usually located in areas where seams are present along a rooftop, such as where a vent or skylight is present. If you have one of these protrusions in your shed, and you see that flashing around it needs to be removed because it is rusted, use a pair of pliers to peel it from the roof. Use new caulk to adhere a new piece of flashing in place.

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