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How To Repair And Repaint Wooden Fascia Boards

One of the most important elements of a gable style roof is the fascia board. The fascia board is an important visible line that largely defines the style of the roof. Most fascia boards are painted a brighter color than the rest of the roof or house walls, So they stick out. This is why, if your boards are faded or the paint is peeling away, they can make your entire roof look older and more worn out. Luckily, it is not too hard to maintain wooden fascia boards. This article explains how to repair and repaint them.

The Best Supplies

This job is very simple, partly because it only requires a few basic tools. First, you will need a power sander and a medium grit sandpaper. You also want to make sure you have wood putty on hand. Any small holes or cracks in the wood should be filled before restaining the wood. Invest in a high-quality waterproof exterior wood stain. The only drawback is that there are generally less color options available with waterproof stains. They are thicker, more expensive and more protective than normal wood stain, but they are essential if you want your new finish to last for many years. If you use traditional wood stain, you will need to reapply it and repeat this process more often.

Sanding the Wood

The preparation work is of the utmost importance. You need to thoroughly sand down the existing stain. Some people think they need to sand off all of the stain. However, this is really only true if you are going to apply a stain that is lighter than the original. If you are just restaining your wood the same color or applying a solid paint color, you don't necessarily need to send off all of the stain. The goal when sanding should be to make the fascia surface evenly smooth throughout.

Applying the New Stain

The best way to apply an exterior stain is with a paint brush. Most traditional wood stains are best applied with rags. However, exterior stain is thicker, so a brush works better. You might need to use painter's tape to mask off any roofing material that is in direct contact with the fascia.

Most fascia boards will require at least 2 coats. This adds more protection and weather resistance to your wood and makes the stain more fade resistant as well. If you do not think that you complete this job yourself, then consider asking roofing contractors for assistance.