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No Curb Appeal? 4 Projects That Will Totally Transform The Exterior Of Your Home

Charming homes have curb appeal, character, and interesting details, but not all homes are built that way. Some are simple, boxy structures that leave little to the imagination and do nothing to create inspiration. If yours is the latter, you're probably looking for ways to spruce it up. Tackling the inside is easy, but things get more complicated when you start on the outside. If you want to change the appearance of your home's exterior dramatically, think about one or more of these projects that will totally transform the exterior or your home. 

New Siding

New siding or a new paint job can change your home's curb appeal instantly. In addition to paint, you have many siding options, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, and engineered wood. The look, cost, and durability of the materials vary widely, so be sure to do plenty of research. For example, vinyl siding is the most cost effective to install. However, it doesn't hold up like other types of siding and can get damaged more easily. Always make an informed decision. 

Porch Addition

A house without a porch can appear very plain. When you add a porch, though, the same house can look vastly different. What's more, a porch creates additional outside space for the entire family, which makes it a great investment. From a small, covered stoop to a wrap-around veranda complete with a porch swing, there are many options when it comes to porches. If you're not sure what type of porch suits the style and shape of your home, consult a designer or contractor. 

Improved Landscape

A few flowers here and there will make the exterior of your home prettier. However, a complete landscape overhaul can make it look like a different house. A new tree or two combined with deep, flowing flower beds can make your home appear warm, inviting, and homey. Plus, a nicely landscaped yard increases the value of your home, which makes this project a great investment. 

Roof Change

If you want dramatic change, think about changing the slope or style of your roof. If you're not brave enough to do an entire roof remodel, you can add a dormer or two to create a different look than you have now. 

As you can see, there are several projects that will transform the exterior of your home. If your home is plain and lacking in curb appeal, one of these ideas may help. Contact a company like Lassiter Roofing Team for more ideas and inspiration.