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Top Tips to Reduce or Prevent Basement Flooding

Have you recently moved into a house with a basement? Does your basement get damp, or maybe even flood completely, when there is even the slightest amount of rain? A basement that floods can be a frustrating thing to deal with. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix the issue that may not be as expensive as you would think. Here are a few things that might help with your flooding issue.

Exterior French-drain installation: Although a home is supposed to be built on a small rise whenever possible, builders are sometimes forced to put a home in a slight depression or hollow in the ground. If all of the land around your house slopes toward your yard, installing French drains may help. A French drain system will divert water that would otherwise head directly for your basement, sending it to another part of your yard where it will do less damage to your house and landscape. A French drain system may be installed on just one side of your home or may need to be installed around the whole perimeter of your house, depending on your exact landscaping layout.

Gutter installation: When a house lacks sufficient gutters for the rainfall that it receives, the rainwater may simply be running off the roof and almost directly into the basement. New-gutter installation can stop this and can divert the water elsewhere. If you already have gutters, the problem may be that they are easily clogged with leaves and other debris during storms. Although they may be more expensive than standard gutters, you may want to consider gutters that are screened or that are otherwise covered to prevent debris from entering. This type of gutter is much less likely to clog and overflow, reducing the possibility of a flood in your basement.

Rain-barrel installation: Sometimes, the gutter system itself is fine but the previous homeowners gave little thought to what happens to the water after it leaves the roof. The downspout may be right at the foundation or just a short distance away. This can be even worse than having no gutter installation at all, since all of the water from the roof is being focused into one small area. Fortunately, you can install a large rain barrel beneath the downspout to help catch all of this excess water. This water can then be used later on your lawn or on any other plants that need watering. Make sure to get a rain barrel that is screened in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering the barrel and breeding in the water. 

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