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3 Simple Ways to Install a Tarp on Your Home After a Storm Has Damaged Your Roof

When a storm has passed, and you have been left with a leaking roof, you may want to install a tarp to protect your home. The tarp will keep the water out while you do things like contact a roofing contractor and make insurance claims. Installing it correctly is important if you want to keep the water out before the repairs are done. Here are some simple ways to install roof tarps and ensure your home does not have leaks.

1. Using a Large Tarp to Drape over the Entire Roof

A large tarp may be needed if the damage to your roof is severe. This may be something that you need to do if there is a section of the roof structure missing from your home. To do this, drape the tarp over the highest point of the roof. Make sure that it hangs over the eaves on both sides of the roof. If it reaches the ground, use heavy materials like rocks or sand bags to hold it in place. If it does not reach the ground, fasten it to the bottom side of the eaves.

2. Nailing Small Tarps to the Roof in Areas with Major Roof Damage

Most commonly, the roof damage you have on your home will just be a small section. To protect your home from leaks, you will want to nail the tarp to the roof. This can be done by raising the tabs of shingles above the area where there is damage. Nail the tarp down with roofing nails to secure it. Along the edges of the tarp, you may want to nail boards down to keep it from blowing in the wind.

3. Using Multiple Tarps to Protect Different Areas with Storm Damage

If you have a roof with different sections and areas of damage, one single tarp may not do the job. Install a tarp in any area where there is significant damage that may leak. If you have to overlap the tarps, hold them in place by nailing boards down where they meet. Try to install multiple tarps down to the roof as tightly as possible, making sure to not leave air pockets.

These are some simple ways to install a roof tarp and ensure your roof does not leak. If you have severe roof damage, contact a roofing contractor to help get it repaired quickly and ensure that the tarps do not fail the next time a storm comes. 

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