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Get Out of the Gutter: Protect Your Roof by Clearing & Cleaning Your Home's Gutters

Your roof serves an important purpose, and the gutters help the roofing do its job by guiding water away from your home. Don't overlook your gutters when making repairs and inspecting your roof before winter, as shoddy gutters could contribute to damaged shingles, a leaky roof, and water damage. The following are some tips for clearing and cleaning your gutters this season. 

Snake them out. A plumbing snake works well when trying to clear debris, leaves, and trash from the troughs of your roofing gutters. This waste can weigh down the segments, and sagging gutters pose potential danger to your property. If these sag and break-free from the roof, you could face property damage and even personal injury.

Wash them well. Use mild soap and a garden hose or pressure washer to thoroughly clean each trough of the roof's gutters. Take this opportunity to check for leaks or segments that could be allowing water through. Tighten bolts that attach segments together if you notice water seeping between the segments during washing.

Cover them up. If you want to do something that will protect and preserve your gutters, while decreasing the time you spend snaking and clearing troughs, invest in guards. Gutter guards are offered in various styles to fit over the trough, thus keeping debris and dirt out. Roofing professionals may be able to augment your current gutters with guards, while reinforcing the system as needed.

Repair them promptly. If you notice an issue with a segment, downspout, or system in general, make plans to repair it promptly. Failing to maintain your gutters can have repercussions such as staining on the side of your house, roofing damage, and moisture seeping into your home. Over time, water can deteriorate the overall structure of your home and compromise the integrity of your roof.

Call the pros. If climbing around on the roof and clearing gutters makes you nervous, consider contacting roofing professionals for services pertaining to maintaining your system. They may also be able to provide you with options related to guards which is a wise investment in your home's roof.

The best thing you can do for your home's roof is to take care of your gutters. The gutter system guides water away, which makes it well-worth the time and effort required to keep them clean and clear. Some roofing contractors like Acoma Roofing, Inc. may offer gutter services, including installation and repair, so reach out as needed to maintain your home's gutter and protect the integrity of your roof.