Learning About Roofing Services

Planning To Have Your Roof Replaced? Get Prepared With This Simple Set Of Tips

If there is one valuable way to enhance the structural soundness of your home, it is to add a new roof. If having the roof replaced is going to be a part of your next home remodel project, there are a handful of things you should do to get prepared. Use this handy checklist to ensure that when the project starts, you are as prepared as possible. 

1. Make sure the roofers have ample space to work outside 

Clear the area around the house so the roofers can easily and safely maneuver their ladders and equipment. Take down or relocate patio furniture that could be in the way, and set aside items that you normally keep close to the outer perimeter of your home. Keep in mind that a dumpster will likely be parked on your property, which will also need space, and there will also be a few extra vehicles that need to park in your driveway. Plus, the new roofing materials will need a stable place to sit when they are delivered. So keeping the driveway clear for the roofers will be a big help. 

2. Contain your pets. 

You do not want your pets to be injured by falling roofing debris, and you also don't want an unleashed dog causing problems for the workers while they are at your home. So go ahead and tie up your dog or keep it in the house. Likewise, cats that usually hang out around the house should be closely watched. 

3. Take down fragile items from the walls. 

Roofing can involve a lot of beating and banging from above, which can naturally jar the walls inside of the house. If you have breakables hanging up on the walls, especially on the upper levels of the house, it is a good idea to take them down temporarily so they do not get broken. Hanging mirrors and pictures, figurines situated on wall shelves, and even breakable light fixtures should be removed and put in a safe place before the project begins. 

4. Cover up things up in the attic. 

The attic is more exposed to the vibrations and noise during a roofing project than any other part of the house. If you use your attic for storage, you may want to cover up what you have stored with a tarp so falling debris and insulation does not get into your items. 

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