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The Things That You Should Know Before Having A Tile Roof Installed

If you are ready for a new roof on your home, products that are durable like tile, will give you a roof that looks great and never needs replacing. Before you can install these materials, it is important to know some of their requirements, such as structural support, maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the things that you should know before having a tile roof installed on your home:

1. Ensuring That Roof Loads Are Properly Supported with Heavy Roof Framing

Tile roofs are a heavier material than asphalt shingles and many other roofing products. The tile you have installed on your roof will more than likely need a heavier roof structure to support it. The structure of your home should be reinforced with heavier roof framing that will carry the roof load from heavier tiles. In addition to heavier rafters, these loads need to be carried to the footings, and the foundation should be sufficient to. Have a structural engineer look at your home and recommend the improvements that you will need before tile roofing materials can be installed.

2. Cleaning and Using Caution When on The Tiles for Regular Maintenance Tasks

The main maintenance that needs to be done to a tile roof is cleaning it and keeping it free of debris. Regularly remove any debris from trees around your home, which gets under tiles and causes them to work loose. Any time you must get on your roof, use caution because tiles will easily slide out from under your feet; causing you to fall. It is a good idea to use a harness system any time work is done on a tile roof.

3. Replacing the Occasional Roof Tile That Has Fallen or Been Damaged in A Storm

Tile roofs are not installed with a fastening system like nails; instead, tiles lock together and are held in place with an expanding foam. The tiles are durable and withstand winds, but sometimes, a tile may work loose and need to be replaced. In addition, over the years, some tiles may crack and need to be replaced as part of the regular maintenance. Always replace any broken, loose or missing tiles to prevent leaks and further roof damage.

Tile roofs are a great choice for a new roof, but it is important to consider issues like roof loads and maintenance needs of your new roofing. Contact a roofing contractor, such as Christofferson Construction LLC, and talk with them about some of the things that need to be done before you can have a tile roof installed on your home.