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2 Great Natural Roof Materials

It definitely makes sense that roofing replacement is one of the most sought-after home improvement projects. By updating the material on your roof, you're basically changing the entire style of your home. Obviously, many people just use a product that is similar to what they currently have, but you also have the opportunity to completely replace it with a new style. For instance, if you change from a wood shingle roof to a slate tile roof, your home is going to look dramatically altered. And, this is one of the absolute best things about replacing your roof.

Homeowners love hopefully having the opportunity to completely overhaul the exterior style of the property. If you are going to change your roofing material, you should consider these two great materials.

1. Slate

Of all the natural stone roofing products, slate is probably the most durable. That is, a natural slate tile roof can last well over 100 years. During this time period, it will probably need very little care and maintenance. Slate is a hearty stone. Every piece of slate is pretty much completely unique. Every piece is cut directly from the earth, so the texture, marbling, and print is unique. The only drawback to slate is that it is usually dark and heavy. The darkness can be problematic for homes in hot environments. A lot of the sun's heat can transfer into your roof through a dark-colored tile. Also, the extra weight of the tiles can present problems for some old homes. If your roof deck is not up to par, it will need to be reinforced in order to carry the weight of the tiles.

2. Wood

Wood shingles are another one of the most popular roofing materials. Of course, wood doesn't last quite as long as slate. The wood used in roofing is highly tempered and can last for well over 50 years. But, during this time period, the wood will change a little bit. It can pick up a patina, fade, and split. To some this aging is natural and beautiful. But, if it gets to a certain point, the aging can actually pose problems with the structural integrity and weather resistance of the tiles. In the end, both products are extremely stylish, and homeowners love investing in natural materials. This seems to be attractive, especially on luxury properties.

If you are in the market for roof replacement, slate and what are two of the best products.