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4 Roof Care Tips For Summer

Summer is often thought of as being the easiest season for your roof. There's no snow, and the high winds of springtime storms have typically passed. But while summer is not as hard on your roof as spring and winter, it does still present a few threats. Here are four roof care tips that will keep your home in peak condition this summer.

1. Keep an eye on trees.

Hopefully, you cut back any long tree branches in the fall or spring to keep them from sweeping across your roof. But after a long, warm spring, trees sometimes have a summer growth spurts. So, those cut-back branches might start causing problems again before summer is over. Glance up at your trees every once in a while, and if the branches overhanging your roof seem to be getting too long, contact a tree care company to come take care of them.

2. Keep an eye out for hail damage.

Summer is typically the season for hailstorms. If a storm drops hail on your home, make sure you look over your roof carefully afterward. If the shingles appear dented or are missing some granules, have your roofing contractor come take a look. Hail damage is often worse than it looks and can lead to extensive leaks.

3. Check the vents.

Venture up into the attic, and make sure that the insulation is not pressed up against the roof vents. If the vents become blocked, all of that summer heat will get stuck in the attic. Constant exposure to the heat and humidity is not good for your roof and will lead to an accelerated rate of deterioration. You might need to trim some of the insulation away if it is continually getting pushed in front of the vents.

4. Plug holes in the fascia.

Look over the fascia along the edge of the roof, and if you spot any holes, make sure you plug them promptly. Start with a little bit of steel wool, and then plug the hole the rest of the way with wood putty. Insects and other pests love to enter through roof fascia, and in doing so, they can cause more damage to your home and roof.

If you follow the roof care tips above, you should not have to worry about summer roofing trouble. If you do suspect your roof has a leak or other damage, take care of it right away. For more information, contact a company like TORRES ROOFING INC.