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3 Easy Ways To Repair A Flat Roof On Your House

Flat roofs on houses are typically the result of adding on an extension of the house and deciding not to create a gabled roof. This happened a lot on older homes that were barely big enough to house the families that built them. Over time, each new owner added a section of the house or extended outward. Rather than go through all of the work of matching roof height with the gable, these previous owners made the roofs flat. 

Flat roofs encounter a lot more problems with wind and weather than gabled or pitched roofs do. If you are now encountering some problems with the flat roofs on your home, here are the three easiest roof repairs you can make to correct these problems.

1. Patch It

If you have leaks from your flat roof, patch them. This involves removing the shingles (if applicable) in the vicinity of the leak. Then reinstall new shingles over that entire area. If you want to be absolutely certain that the patches will be effective, put some rubber roofing underneath the shingles.

2. Rubber-Roll It

Rubber roofing material is generally used as a waterproofing underlay material. However, on flat roofs, it is perfectly acceptable to use it as the main roofing material. Even you could manage to install this material by rolling it across the flat roof and cutting the material with a utility knife. Then you secure the ends of the material to the edges of the gutter in order to direct rain water and melted snow and ice right off the edges and into the gutters.

3. Drop and Secure Metal Panels over the Top

This is a flat roof, after all. It makes perfect sense to drop metal panels over the top of whatever materials you currently have on the flat roof. Then the roof is completely covered, and snow, ice, and hail will just slide and bounce off of the metal panels. Be sure to secure the panels at intervals so that high winds cannot rip the panels loose from your roof.

It is okay; not everyone is the DIY kind. Call flat roof repair roofers for estimates on how to fix the simple problems you have with the flat roof. He or she can finish one of the above repair jobs for you. If you decide that you would like a completely new roof on the flat roof areas, the contractor can do that, too.