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5 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Roof This Summer

Summer is a great time to get up on your roof, check it out, and take care of it. When the weather is dry and warm, you should spend a little time fixing up your roof and making sure that it is in good shape.

#1 Check the Sealant

First, check the sealant around all the vents and chimneys on your roof. Over time, the sealant can break down and wear off. If the sealant is thin or worn down, apply an extra layer of sealant around all objects on your roof that stick out. This will help ensure that water doesn't seep around the objects on your roof and get under your roof.

#2 Look for Damaged Shingles

It can be difficult to spot damaged shingles from the ground. Inspect your roof to see if you have any shingles that are cracked, lifted up, loose, or damaged in any way. If you find any damaged shingles, be sure to mark their location and replace the damaged shingles to ensure that your roof continues to have a tight waterproof seal.

#3 Look Out for Mold

Look out for mold and mildew growth on your roof. Plant life can easily grow on your roof, especially if your roof is shaded and you live somewhere that gets a lot of moisture and humidity. You don't want mold, mildew, or lichen to grow on your roof. This type of growth on your shingles can damage the integrity of your shingles and make it easier for water to get under your roof. When you spot plant life, you can try to kill it on your own with some bleach and water, or you can hire a residential roofing contractor to get rid of the plant life for you.

#4 Keep Critters Away

Critters like squirrels and birds love to hang out on roofs and inside of chimneys. You can keep them away from your chimney by having a chimney topper installed on your chimney. This should help keep critters and debris out of your chimney.

#5 Inspect Your Fans

If you have fans that allow your roof to vent, give them a quick look and make sure that they are still working properly. Properly vented fans will help keep your attic at a desirable temperature and will reduce wear and tear on your roof as well.

A little care during the summertime can help protect your roof and ensure that it doesn't suffer any damage that could harm your roof and your home.

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