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3 Tips For Designing A Deck Over A Walkout Basement Area

Making the most of the space in your home involves using every inch of room you have, both indoors and outdoors. Building a deck above your walkout basement is a great way to maximize your space, while also creating a unique outdoor area for your family to enjoy. Before you design a deck over your walkout basement learn some helpful design tips. 

1. Take Cues from Your Home

A deck over a walkout basement is often larger than a traditional deck. Given the size of the structure, you want to ensure that it perfectly complements the rest of your home so that it does not look like an add-on, but instead a part of the original house. To accomplish this goal, design the deck with hints of different elements from your home. 

For example, if you have natural stone on the side of your house, line the perimeter of the deck with a natural stone facade. You can also design the deck in colors that complement the rest of your home or in the same color. The idea is to make the deck and your home look like one structure. 

2. Save Room in the Budget

Make sure you leave some extra room in your budget. Installing a deck over a walkout basement area does come with a few additional steps. First, you have to excavate the area around the basement to create the walkout area. 

You should also keep in mind that this type of deck often rests higher than a standard deck, so you may have to install rail posts that are on the longer side in order to lift the deck high enough to leave space for the walkout area. Additionally, given the height of the deck, you may want to install higher top rails, especially if you have young children who will enjoy time on the deck. 

3. Install a Drainage System

When you install a deck over a walkout basement, you also need to make sure you install an adequate drainage system. When it's raining outside, you don't want to send a large amount of rain pouring down onto the area below.

The deck should be designed with a drainage system that will allow the water to roll off the side of the deck rather than down below on the walkout basement area. With a good drainage system, you can enjoy the walkout area year-round. 

To get the most from your deck, make sure you contact a deck builder. A deck professional will be able to look at your property, consider your plans and create a deck design that works best. Visit websites like https://dsbahr.com/ for more information.