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3 Problems That Plague Commercial Roofs

Part of owning a business involves keeping the interior of your building presentable to employees and customers. However, the exterior parts of the building may be the last thing on your mind if they are out of sight. This can cause you to miss some of the problems that can harm a commercial roof.

1. Shingle Damage

If the roof on your commercial building uses shingles, it's important to have an annual roof inspection done to ensure that they are all in good shape. There are many problems that can happen with shingles that you may not notice unless you know what to look for.

Hail can cause impact damage to shingles, leading to cracking and allowing water to seep down to the roof deck. Old shingles can start to curl at the ends, which make them more prone to gusts of wind getting caught under an edge and rip it off the roof. You can also have algae growth on the surface that can cause shingles to deteriorate.

2. Gutter Clogs

Commercial buildings that have flat roofs are more likely to have clogged gutters. That's because there are often drains located throughout the roof that have grates over them, and debris can collect on these drains and not allow the water to pass through. You'll need to get onto your roof and clear these drains of debris to get the water flowing down the gutters once again.

If the drains are clogged, it can also make those areas immediately surrounding the drain to have pooling water. The roofing material in those areas will be more likely to become deteriorated, which will weaken the roofing material.

3. Flashing Damage

There are areas of the roof where flashing is used to prevent water from getting into the building. This is often used in places where something sticks out of the roof, like exhaust vents, or where two sections of the roof come together. The flashing can become detached from the roof or start to deteriorate, which creates a vulnerable part of the roof where water can get in. Flashing can also deteriorate from being exposed to the weather

Taking care of a commercial roof can be a challenge when you factor in all the daily responsibilities of running a business. That's why it is worth it to reach out to your local commercial roofing services to make life easier and help with inspections and repairs.