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How To Get Rid Of Attic Pests And Repair Damage They Caused To The Roof

When you think of roof damage, you might imagine strong blowing winds or driving hail. However, there's another type of damage that is quite common, and it's caused by pests such as rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons. These small creatures can do a lot of damage to your roof on the outside and your attic on the inside. Here's how to deal with these pests and repair your roof.

Trap Or Eliminate The Pests

You may need to call an animal control professional or pest control company to help you get the pests out of your attic. You don't want to repair the roof and trap them inside your house or the animals may come down to your living space or die in the attic and create a foul odor. Getting rid of mice and rodents could involve setting traps around the attic, but squirrels and raccoons may require the use of live traps or an exclusion trap that lets them get out and won't let them get back inside. Once you're sure the pests are gone and you no longer hear scampering in your attic, then it's time to have the gnawed and damaged areas on your roof repaired.

Repair Roof Damage

Animals often get inside by chewing through the soffit and fascia areas, and you may see these holes while standing on the ground. Holes on the roof may be hidden in valleys or next to a protrusion and can be difficult to spot. In the case of raccoon damage, there could be a big hole in the roof that's easy to see from a distance. The first step is for the roofer to inspect the roof and look for entry holes. There may be only one hole, since pests usually come and go from a single entry point. However, the roofer may also look for other weak areas in the roof that might attract a rat or raccoon at a later time. It's a good idea to have all areas repaired that need it so you can keep the pests out for good.

Repairing holes could involve repairing the deck under the shingles or repairing the soffit. Boards may need to be replaced or repairs might be done by covering holes with metal sheets if the holes are small and the sheets won't be an eyesore. Some shingles may need to be removed so the deck can be accessed for repairs. New shingles can be installed that replace those damaged by animals trying to chew through the roof. Areas around flashing and vent covers are also checked to make sure they weren't lifted or damaged by the pests.

Depending on the size of the pest and the amount of damage done, repairs could be minimal or quite extensive. However, it's necessary to have your roof repair completed quickly, because if an animal can get through your roof then rain can too, which can lead to costly water damage in your attic.