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What Type Of Damage Is Typically Not Covered By A Commercial Roof Warranty?

One of the factors that you need to consider when you are selecting a commercial roofing material is the length of the warranty that the roofing material offers. Unfortunately, not all damage is covered by a warranty, meaning you may have to come out of pocket for some commercial roofing repairs, even with a warranty. Here are four common types of damage that are not typically covered by a commercial roofing warranty. 


Vandals can damage a commercial roof. They may spray paint a roof, walk across the roof and cause weight-related damage, or they may even cut through the roof in an attempt to break into the building below it. Unfortunately, damage done by vandals is not covered by your commercial roof warranty. However, your commercial insurance policy may cover certain types of damage from vandals. 

Bird or Pest Problems

Birds and pests can be damaging to your commercial roof. Bird droppings are acidic, which can decay the roofing material. Other types of pests may chew, claw, or eat through the roofing materials, causing damage. Your commercial roofing insurance will not cover damage done by pests. It is your responsibility to deter birds and pests from your roof. Contact a pest control company to find out what pests are in your area and how to deter them. 

Tree Damage

Another type of damage that is not typically covered by a commercial roof warranty is damage that is done by trees. Trees can be extremely damaging to your roof in a number of ways. Tree limbs may brush against your roof as they sway back in forth in the wind. This can wear your roofing material down, cause tears, or even cause it to lift from the roof. Tree limbs can also fall in a storm and damage your roof. It is advised that you plant trees far from your roof, and keep trees pruned to ensure their branches or limbs do not damage your commercial roof. 

Improper Repairs or Installation

The final type of damage that is not typically covered by a commercial roof warranty is improper repairs or installation. If the damage has been caused by improper installation or repairs, the manufacturer will not pay for the damage. This is why it is so important to hire a reputable, experienced and certified roofing contractor to install your commercial roof and make commercial roof repairs. 

If your commercial roof has been struck by vandals, has damage caused by birds or pests, was damaged by a tree or needs repairs due to improper installation or repairs, your commercial roof warranty likely will not cover the cost of these commercial roof repairs. Contact a company like Moriarty Roofing & Sheet Metal today to schedule an appointment to have the roof repaired in a timely manner.