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Roofing Repairs You Might Have To Consider When Your Roof Is Leaking

Finding out you have a roof leak is never good news. However, not all roof leaks automatically mean you'll be facing a big repair bill. Several things can cause a leaky roof, so the first step is to call a roofing contractor to find the source of the leak and recommend the right type of repairs. Here are some roofing repairs that might be needed to stop a leaking roof.

Replace Flashing Around The Chimney

Leaks are fairly common around the chimney area of your roof since the chimney protrudes through the deck. Your chimney has flashing around it that covers the place where the chimney comes through the roof, and if the flashing gets loose or develops rust holes, then rain can leak inside your attic. This roof repair involves replacing the old flashing if it's rusted or securing it against the roof if it's loose so rain can't leak in.

Close A Hole In The Deck

If the deck of your roof has a hole in it, you'll be able to see daylight through it when you go in your attic. While that makes it easy to find the source of the leak, a hole is never a good thing to have in a roof. You'll want to have repairs done right away. If the hole is fairly small, the roofer may cover it with a thin sheet of flashing to keep rain from leaking in. If the hole is a big one caused by a tree branch falling or a big raccoon tearing up the roof, then it may be necessary to replace part of the deck so it can be covered with new shingles.

Replace Bad Shingles

Shingles can crack, come loose, or even fly off of your roof in a storm. If a shingle isn't secured in place like it's supposed to be, then your roof will probably leak when it rains. Plus, the deck of your roof could rot due to the moisture. Bad shingles can be replaced by pulling out the damaged ones and putting new ones in their place. The same nail holes can be used so the old holes won't cause leak problems. Replacing shingles is fairly easy, but if the problem has been going on for a while, the rotted part of the deck may need to be replaced. This adds to the complexity of the repairs since the roofer has to cut out the bad part of the deck and replace it with dry building materials.

Another possibility you may have to consider is that your roof is just old and the shingles are worn out. The leak you have now could be a sign of things to come. If your roof is old, consider if it is time to replace your roof rather than risk another leak developing that you don't notice right away.