Learning About Roofing Services

What Your Residential Roofing Company Wants You To Know

When it comes to residential roofing repair, it is important to know what to expect before the crew arrives. A residential roofing job is a very large job that involves a lot of moving parts. Being prepared is the best way to have a positive experience and to keep your family safe in the process. Here are a few things your residential roofing crew wants you to know before they get started.

It Will Be Loud

The tools and equipment used to install a new roof can be very noisy from the outside and inside of your home. They will use loud compressors to run the nail guns that will create a loud banging sound inside the home the whole time they are working. If you have noise-sensitive pets or children, you need to prepare for the constant loud noise and try to not plan important conference calls for work that day either if you plan to stay home. It is a loud process and there is nothing that can change this aspect of residential roofing installation. 

It Will Be Messy

When you get your existing roofing removed, the roofers will typically throw the old shingles down to the ground to clean up later. Since this is a messy process, it is always a nice thing to warn your neighbors about what you are having done so they can be prepared as well and keep their pets and children safe while you are having your home worked on. Most of the time the roofing company will arrange for a large dumpster to be brought to your house to help clean up the old shingles and any other messes along the way, but while construction is happening, it is going to be a messy process.

It Will Be Cleaned Up

While it might be a messy process, their job is not completed until they have completely cleaned up their mess. This includes using a magnetic pick-up tool to grab any loose nails that might have fallen to the ground during construction. It is important for you to keep yourself, your children, and your small pets away from the work zone until this last step is completed to make sure everyone stays safe.

It Will Not Last Forever

During construction, it might feel like a never-ending process, but usually, residential roofing installation jobs only take one to two days to complete. It might be an inconvenience for a few days, especially if you are having to move your vehicles from the driveway for them to park closer, but knowing that it is a temporary inconvenience will help you get through the loud and messy days of residential roofing repair or installation.