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House Getting Older? 2 Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced Or Repaired

If your home is getting older, then your roof may be also getting older, too. If so, you need to look at your roof. Below are two signs that it needs repairs or needs to be replaced.

Roof Looks Dirty

Stand back from your home and look at your roof to see if it looks dirty. You may notice patches of what looks like dirt spread out over different areas of the roof or just one or two patches. If you see any dark areas, this is a sign that the granules are falling off from your shingles. This means the shingles are old and they need to be replaced soon. Brown or dark patches are signs that there is moss or algae growing on the roof. Both of these things need to be cleaned off the roof as soon as possible as they will cause damage to the shingles.

If you see these, climb up onto your roof and do a closer inspection. If there are only a few shingles that look old, then you can replace these on your own. If a lot of the shingles are old, however, it is time for a roof replacement.

Missing or Loose Shingles

While you are on the roof, look for shingles that may be completely missing or are loose. Missing shingles could be from a recent bad storm. Likewise, they also could be due to the shingles being old and worn down, simply becoming loose enough that they fell off. If you only have a few missing shingles, you can replace these with new ones.

If there are loose shingles, purchase roofing nails to tighten them back down. If a lot of the shingles are loose, hire a roofing contractor to tighten them back down for you to ensure this is done correctly. If, however, you repair the roof on your own, make sure you purchase the same type of shingles and the same color. If you do not then these newer shingles will stand out. Also, if the roof is very old, new shingles may still stand out from the rest of the roof. 

If you do not feel comfortable getting up on your roof, hire a roofing contractor. While they are there, they can do a much closer inspection of your roof to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Contact a roof repair service for more information.