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4 Things To Know About A Roof Drip Edge

A roof drip edge is an often overlooked roofing material. A roof drip edge is a piece of special flashing that is made to be installed at the edge of the roof. The purpose of the roof drip edge is to stop water from getting into the fascia and damaging underlying roofing parts with a slanted drip edge.

#1: Often Not Installed

The importance of a roof drip edge is often overlooked in the installation process. Many roofing contractors do not include a roof drip edge in a basic residential roof installation bid unless a homeowner specifically asks for it. However, manufacturers include roofing drip edges in their installation instructions for many different types of roofing materials.

If you are in the process of replacing your roof or putting a roof on a new building, be sure to ask the contractor to include a roof drip edge in the estimate.

#2: Prevents Water Damage

Despite being an often-overlooked feature, a roof drip edge is important to install as it can help prevent water damage from occurring under your roofing shingles. A roof drip edge hangs over the edge of the roof and is angled so that water will flow away from the fascia and keep water from getting under the edge of your roof.

Damage to the edge of the roof is common, and a roof drip edge can help prevent damage to your roof and prevent damage to the fascia and siding on your home. If you live somewhere with freezing winter weather, a drip edge can help protect the roofline's edge from getting damaged due to ice dams.

#3: Protect Your Attic

A roof drip edge can also help protect your attic. Little critters will take advantage of every opportunity to get into your attic and turn it into their own space.

Installing a roof drip edge will help seal any potential gaps between the fascia and the decking on your roof, preventing critters such as squirrels and mice from getting into your attic and causing damage.

#4: Coordinate with Other Trim Options

A drip edge is technically considered a type of trim, so you will want to make sure you coordinate the color and style of the edge with your other trim items. You want the drip trim edge to match the gutters and fascia to keep everything coordinated.

When you install a new roof on your home, be sure to talk to your roof contractor about installing a roof drip edge to increase your new roof's integrity and add an extra layer of protection.

If you need more information, be sure to contact a local roofer.