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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Most people wait until their roofs start leaking to do repairs. But waiting too long might lead to extensive damages that necessitate a replacement. When the roof damage is beyond repair, you'll need to contact a roof replacement specialist. They will inspect the entire structure and advise whether you need a partial or full replacement. Some of the signs indicating that your home needs a new roof include the following. 

1. Sagging Points on the Roof 

Excessive sagging of a roof shows there is a problem with the truss arrangement. Moreover, a roof can sag when excessive pressure is applied when trees and other heavy objects fall on it. Although not all sagging can warrant a roof replacement, saggy points track moisture and other materials that can cause rotting. Therefore, it might be necessary to replace the affected shingles. 

2. Vegetation Growing on the Roof

Plants that tend to grow on the rooftop are mostly moss, mold, and fungi. It is a clear sign that the roof is retaining moisture. While it is possible to remove slight fungi and mold using a stiff brush, commercial roofers may recommend a complete roof replacement in case of extensive mold and fungi growth. 

3. Irreparable Cracks on the Shingles 

If your roof is critically cracked, it might be time to install a new one. The roof can get cracked or buckled beyond repair due to strong winds or a heavy storm. Besides, when shingles get raised after a storm, you should inspect them closely. Ideally, shingles are supposed to sit flat against the roof. 

4. The Roof Is Too Old

Roofs made of copper, tile, or other durable materials can last half a decade. Other roofing materials may not serve you beyond 25 years. If your roof has lasted this long, consider a new roof installation. When that time comes, an experienced commercial roofer will advise you on the ideal roofing solution to suit your property. 

5. The Roof Is Being Blown Away By the Wind 

Severely torn roofing materials need replacement. That is to avoid the risk of injury and accidents that can potentially occur when they are blown away by the wind. You might notice a poorly fastened roof when there are strong winds. If the shingles are severely damaged, replacing them might be the best solution. 

Commercial roofers can replace your entire roof or part of it when it gets too old or damaged by a strong wind, heavy rains, and mold. Hire a licensed and reputable contractor to ensure a worthwhile and excellent outcome.