Is Slate Or Asphalt Better For Your Roof?

Picking out a roofing material can be pretty tough. To make the process a little simpler, here is a comparison of the costs of two of the most common roofing repair materials: asphalt and slate. Asphalt Roofing Your first option is to get asphalt, which is the most common residential housing material out there. However, it is important to figure out exactly why asphalt is so popular. Cost – Firstly, asphalt is going to cost you $50 per square. [Read More]

Recognizing Creosote Danger: Cleaning Your Roofing Shingles For Protection

If you own a home with a chimney, you should be familiar with creosote and what it can do to your roofing shingles. Creosote is a flammable substance produced by your fireplace or wood stove, and it can spread out of the chimney and onto the shingles. Creosote is flammable enough that an errant ember could spark a fire. If you're seeing black residue on your shingles, that means that it's time to clean your roof. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Plastic Shingles

Plastic shingles are an alternative to traditional asphalt roofing shingles. Sometimes also called composite or synthetic shingles, plastic shingles offer a number of distinctive features and advantages due to the uniqueness of plastic as a building material. Understanding what plastic shingles have to offer is essential to figuring out whether or not a plastic shingle roof is the right fit for your home's roofing needs. The Advantages of Plastic Shingles [Read More]

3 Ways You Can Have Reroofing Done And Save On Your Roof Replacement

Eventually, you will need to have a roof replacement done if you have conventional asphalt shingles. Usually, the process of replacing your roof involves removing old shingles and disposing of them, which can be costly. Doing this yourself may help save your money, or you may want to consider other cost cutting solutions like a layover job or using metal roofing. Here are some options you may want to consider to cut the costs of your roof replacement: [Read More]