Rubber EPDM Roofing 101: A Guide For Inexperienced Homeowners

If you have a roof on your home that has an unusually low slope, or an odd and unusual shape, there is a good chance that you have rubber EPDM roofing. This form of roofing is commonly applied to mobile homes, domed roofs that cannot be shingled, or roofs that are completely flat. These single-ply roofs are made of sheets or panels of synthetic rubber and do a good job of protecting your home from moisture, but there is a good chance you know little else about this roofing type. [Read More]

Asphalt Vs Concrete Roofs

If your roof is getting old and you need reroofing or if you are looking to build a roof for a brand new home, you will need to find a material that fits your needs. Materials can vary dramatically in price, lifespan, appearance, and even weight, each of which can be hugely important. Therefore, it is very important that you understand the differences between each material before you make a commitment. [Read More]

A Comparison Of Asphalt And Metal Roofs

If you are planning on replacing your roof in the near future, then you might want to consider switching to a different material. Each roofing material offers a unique set of benefits and drawbacks, covering a variety of categories from price to weight to longevity. To help you come to a more informed decision before you commit, here is a comparison of two popular options: asphalt and metal. What is asphalt roofing? [Read More]

Three Questions You Should Ask Your Roofers Before Hiring Them And Why

Hiring a roofer is not a cut-and-dry deal. In fact, if you hire the first person that promises to complete your roofing project for less than you expect, you may find that you have to hire another roofer to redo the roof. Before you hire any roofer, you should ask him or her the following three questions. In addition to asking these questions, the reasons behind asking them are also provided. [Read More]